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Ilodoly supports you to find your first Japanese partners, suppliers, and customers.  

Especially, we have experience in Financial Institutions, Software Solutions, and Fintech. companies to tie-up with local partners.  


Launched October 2018

URL     https://www.ilodoly.com/

Email  makoto.ujike@ilodoly.com

Address 5-39-9 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 Japan 



・Business Development Support for Foreign Start-ups in Japan

・Overseas Business Development Supports for Japanese SMEs 



Find Japanese Distributors & Importers

We support your market entry into Japan and business development in Japan. 

Our services include but not limited to market research, distributor & partner search, marketing & sales rep and so on; 

  • Market Research in Japan
  • Japan Market Entry Consultation
  • Partner Search and Negotiation in Japan
  • Marketing and Sales Representative
  • Local Exhibition Planning and Promotion
  • Business Meeting Interpret
  • etc.

First 30 Minutes Free Consultation

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem in terms of Japan market entry; namely, Partner Development, Communication with local companies, etc.  

We are happy to have a call via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. to give you our brief idea.  


Makoto UJIKE, Founder



2020 Ilodoly 


     Launched a business to support alliances between Japanese small business owners and small businesses with overseas companies

     Supporting cross border crowdfunding, Amazon imports, and other tradings


2015 CrowdCredit Co., Ltd. (loan type cloud funding)

     Responsible for developing overseas partners and establishing overseas subsidiaries, contributing to fund formation of over 1 billion yen


2010 Saltlux, Inc. (Korean IT venture company)

     Achieved a R&D collaboration with the largest mobile phone carrier as Japan branch manager 


2002 JAFCO Co., Ltd. (a major domestic venture investment company)

    In charge of investment and marketing support for Asian IT companies entering the Japanese market


[Major service] 

・Overseas business negotiation support

・Japanese-English interpreter

・Support for overseas exhibitions, etc.


If you contact us, I am ready to respond immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.  


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ILODOLY supports business collaborations between Japanese SMEs and foreign companies.  

Trade, Japan office launch, translation, etc.  

Please feel free to contact us via following inquiry form.  

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